November 2018

Aftermovie - 1st FutureTPM Workshop on Quantum-Resistant Crypto Algorithms

FutureTPM Newsletter Issue 3
In the third newsletter the technical lead of the FutureTPM project gives a project status update. In addition to that the newsletter contains a report on the 1st FutureTPM workshop, the technical and advisory board meeting in Lisbon, as well as information on dissemination events and published deliverables.

August 2018

FutureTPM Newsletter Issue 2
The second newsletter provides an update on the project status, contains the invitation to the 1st FutureTPM Workshop on the 19th of October in Lisbon and gives some information on past and future dissemination events.

May 2018

FutureTPM Newsletter Issue 1
The first newsletter provides an overview of the main project information, as well as further information about the technical approach, ongoing activities and meetings.

March 2018

FutureTPM General Presentation
General presentation about the project.

Press - Release
This press release was published in Austria and announces the FutureTPM project.

FutureTPM long Leaflet
The technical leaflet is one of our tailored dissemination materials capable of reaching a scientific audience (mainly used for fairs and project meetings).

FutureTPM short Leaflet
The short leaflet addresses the general audience.


February 2018

Announcement Letter
The announcement letter was released at the project start and provides first information about the scope of FutureTPM.