D1.1 FutureTPM Use Case and System Requirements || M06
This deliverable defines the technical requirements of FutureTPM, alongside with the requirements of the use cases. Its purpose to define the parameters for the rest of the FutureTPM project and provide the necessary input to the architecture.
Download D1.1 FutureTPM Use Case and System Requirements [PDF, 1.15 MB]

D1.2 FutureTPM Reference Architecture || M09
This deliverable will provide the specification of the FutureTPM reference architecture, the functional components and interfaces between them. It will provide an analysis and point of reference for the FutureTPM in relation to the three specific use cases, including an analysis of relevant classical protocols and the use cases themselves in terms of FutureTPM functionality.

D1.3 Security Risks in QR Deployments || M09
This deliverable will include a documentation of the security problems and risks that classical protocols, to be employed in the three envisioned use cases, might face in the presence of quantum adversaries.

D2.1 First Report on New QR Cryptographic Primitives || M09
This deliverable reports on the work done by all tasks, including the surveys, the newly developed algorithms, and the full specification of the candidate algorithms (TPM and TSS) that are to be implemented and evaluated by WP5.

D3.1 First Report on Security Models for the TPM || M09
Initial report describing and outlining security models for various implementations of TPM.